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Ashlee –

Victim Location 75052

Total money lost $10,000

Type of a scam Investment

Carter Townsend offered to invest $5,000 in cypto currency until February 2018 guaranteeing my principle. Also, he came back and asked for an addition 5,000 loan, so that he could invest it as earnest money for the purchase of a commercial property in which he would flip guaranteeing my principle plus a percentage of the proceeds in a single interest payment by October 1, 2018. I was reluctant, but he insisted that I would get all of my money back by a certain date. He took the funds in cash and offered no written contract stating his intentions. I had no reason not to trust him at this time, until October 1, 2018 came around and I began asking for the funds to be returned to me. I explained to him how I had to use credit cards to supplement my savings that I loaned him for his investment, but he assured me that the money I would gain would offset it. He asked for my personal information, so that he could build a credit file on me and monitor my credit, which I believe he wanted to use as leverage for his scam to keep my so called investment money and loan money, which never bought a property, or went into cypto currency. Every time I called him for an explanation he gave me a new excuse as to why he couldn’t return the money back to me. Then he wanted me to take out another loan to give him more time with my money and put me further into depth. I watched him ruin my credit not fix it. I also, had to postpone a surgery since he took my savings. After almost 2 months of his elusive behavior regarding my request to have the funds returned. He decided to no longer return any of my phone calls. He knew I was in the middle of a bad divorce which involved a bankruptcy and awaiting to have a difficult surgery and. He used it to his advantage to scam me out of $10,000.



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