Credit card debt

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Jacob –

Victim Location 68005

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Apparently the CEO of the company, that will not say the actual name of the company or the name of the caller, is the one calling people on the phone, pretty rude, kept calling me a liar over what my name is, changing my name multiple times, wanted to know my address and credit card number and social, said $1000.00 would put my credit cards back to zero balance and would then set me with 0% interest on the card. called me a liar on anything I said. topped it off by calling me an illegal immigrant that they’d see me in jail when I asked to talk to a supervisor.

There was some other things the person said that were really hard to hear, by this time she was screaming at me.

Randi –

Victim Location 78413

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I answered the phone it was a recording they said to push one if I wanted to talk to somebody I pushed one a foreigner guy came on and said started with my credit card could be fixed and I’ve started on him saying I don’t own any credit cards he hung up. When I called back the number a lady answered and said that it was not her.

I have had several calls like this but this is the first time I called back different numbers though



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