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Keith –

Victim Location 52078

Total money lost $8,000

Type of a scam Credit Cards

My computer was frozen, said I needed to contact micro soft because my computer had been hacked and my info compromised. contacted the number above and they asked me if I recognized any of the banks or websites they had listed, I said one. They told me to contact them, wich was done and the supposed Chase rep. said my acct had been hacked 3 seperate times in 5 min. to the tune of 24 grand, 8K each, he said he was able to stop 2 of them but the third went through because they were to close together. I needed to get secured gift cards to apply to the acct to rid the 8K, then they would issue a new card with the credit on it. I did so, because they said is a charge of child porn,to Porn Hub, I certainly did not want that kind of charge on my card. Said it came in from the Check Republic. When I re contacted Chase they said they had no record of any of that, but the first person had all my security questions and info. Wht are Chase and micro soft at least partially responsible for keeping my info safe. Twoo names given to me were Cathy White micro soft, Harry Hunt Chase. Very gut wrenching, I dont have 8K to give up to somebody who dosent want to work for a living!

Ivan –

Victim Location 60014

Type of a scam Credit Cards

i was receiving calls from an out of country phone number regarding a SSA SCAM, I filed a complaint with the FTC, i was told by an agent from a security breach letter i received that i should contact all my creditors, i panicked and tried to call Capital one to notify them of any fraudulent activity and secure my account, upon finding a capital one website, i pressed the call option and they answered, "Capital one and asked for my Social security number, i gave them my social security number, full name and addresss, after researching the phone number i realaized it was a fraudulent number/ website, i called Capital ONe to notify them of this fraudulent website, capt one confirmed this phone number is not a capital one number. 1-844-348-8656 upon trying to find the website on my mobil device i could no longer find it? this call i made was on 7/25/19

7/23/19 i recieved a scam from apple saying my i cloud was compromised and message said to press one, upon pressing one the agent appeared to be trying to help me then asked if i was in front of my computor, i told him no, he proceeded to say he was going to ask a few questions to try to fix the issue and asked what color my nipples were, i hung up. phone number is +1-800-030-1452

7/24/19 ( call went to voice mail regarding SSA scam message states lawsuit against me, warrant released in my name something about fraudulent activity with my social security number and again tells you to press one. phone number 7/24/19 12:46pm 1-207-550-3337 (this one said Portland ME) every call had a different phone number and different states / town 7/24/19 5:44pm missed call + 207-543-9569 (i believe this one said Springfield IL?) this message was on transcript on my voice mail, missed the call.

Tristan –

Victim Location 21286

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Call begins with a recording that they are calling about your credit car there’s no problem but they have an opportunity for you to reduce your interest-rate to as low as 0% and no higher than 6% press nine to speak with an operator. The live operator it has a very heavy accent and tries to get you to disclose your balances and then asked for additional information. He claims to have access to all of your information already but needs you to verify it. He wants to know your balance on your MasterCard or Visa And which card you use the most. I asked him repeatedly how he is able to reduce my interest-rate, and what he would be doing and asking me for. He said that he has a very good relationship with all the major banks and he is able to negotiate a lower interest rate and has all my information from Equifax. When I declined to give information and thank him for calling and asked them to remove my name from the list, and hung up, he called back. He asked what was wrong and I really iterated that I was not interested in that [censored] that he remove my name from the list, andhe responded with a string of vulgar swears and called back several times in different numbers. I blocked each one on my cell phone.

Brett –

Victim Location 99508

Type of a scam Credit Cards

A male calls my cell phone and says that he sees that I have a visa and mastercard that I am paying more than 10% interest and asks if I want to lower my interest rate. He then "needs" to verify my credit card information. This comes from a local number and of course when you call the number it doesn’t work. I asked him for a call back number to contact him and he gave me an 800 number that doesn’t work (800-847-2911) The local number that comes up on my caller ID is 907-830-87207. I ask him why the numbers don’t work and he keeps saying her can help lower my interest rate. When I keep asking why the number doesn’t work he says they are only "outgoing" numbers. When I ask him how he got my phone number he keeps asking if i want to lower my rate. I told him to take me off his "call" list and then he hangs up. Before these people called me and when I called the local cell number that came up on my caller ID a female answered and said that she had no idea how I got her number and that she is a local lady in my area code (907) and says no male is there. *** BEWARE: they ask for your credit card info "so they can verify your cards before they can look at lowering your rates" ***

Ramon –

Victim Location 63368

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received a recorded message, that I was awarded something through Mastercard, for credit card holder I had been awarded zero percent interest because I had made good payments in the past. I could get all of my credit cards at zero percent interest.

Allen –

Victim Location 63084

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I bought a product over line and then I had people calling me immediately telling me that my card didn’t go through even though I got a email saying it did go through trying to get me to pay for it again over the phone giving them my information these people called me over 10 times in 2 days I feel that they have been doing that to me as well probably to a lot of other people they almost had me accept my email kept saying it was finished they had

Kelsey –

Victim Location 62232

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Caller said he could lower my credit card interest, so I asked him which card and he hung up. Could not speak English very well.

Andrea –

Victim Location 46184

Type of a scam Credit Cards

for the past year I keep getting phone calls to lower my interest on home phone and cell phone, my husband does too, I call the # back it is busy. I click 1 to talk to someone it was male with accent hung up on me. I click 3 to stop recieving calls i still get them

Patrick –

Victim Location 99350

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I answered a call from the Seattle area – received a recording that said "we are calling in regards to information about your credit, press 9 to speak with someone". I pressed 9 – spoke with a gentleman who said "Hello can I help you" I asked for his number in case we get disconnected. He gave me 800-739-8255, I said "I have a question" and he said "yeah of course you do because you are a B*tch and you only want my number and questions because you are a b*tch’ and hung up. When I called the 800 number back it had something to do with adult/sexual entertainment.

Meredith –

Victim Location 14220

Type of a scam Phishing

Automated message implys credit fraud

Priscilla –

Victim Location 37172

Type of a scam Credit Cards

A recording stating it was Visa and they had information about my account. The recording ask you to press 1 or 2. I hung up. I heard about this scam through a friend in Michigan . Visa will never call you or ask your account information becsusr9 they have it on file.



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