Credit Card Security Expiring

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Hector –

Victim Location 07803

Type of a scam Credit Cards

On September 1st around 5:30 PM CT I received a phone call on my cell phone stating that my credit card was secure but my security would expire unless I contacted a representative by dialing the number 1. I assumed it was a Capitol One representative so I dialed 1 waited about fifteen seconds and someone came on speaking a foreign language that I didn’t understand so I hung up and a little later checked my recent calls. When I did the phone number 404-725-6295 was listed as no name. I immediateley became concerned and called Capitol One and spoke to a woman that checked my card to see if there was any activity on my card and said that everything looked to be OK. She then ran a check to see if anything in the way of a message was sent out by Capitol One which would have been documented and nothing showed there.I then gave her the phone number and all the information that I could and she said she would have all this noted on my account. She also suggested to write a complaint to their email address and call the Better Business Burea which advised me to email BBB Scam Tracker.

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