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Julia – Apr 06, 2020

Victim Location 78255

Type of a scam Credit Cards

the person called and said they are from credit card services and they are able to reduce my interest rate and provide relief with my payment. They wanted to know the card number, expiry date and my last 4 digit of my SSN. Obviously I didn’t provide any of that info.

Maggie – Mar 12, 2020

Victim Location 44314

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Rochelle Louise from Credit Card Services claims to give 0% interest to my credit card. Asked for card balance, expiration date and first and last number on my credit card. No information given her except I would research her company and call back if I was interested. Called Credit Card Service number on my credit card, and was told they NEVER call and offer 0% interest and their name just slightly different. ("s" at end of Service). These people call 3-4 times a day, always from a different number. BEWARE! They are not legit.

Jose – Feb 19, 2020

Victim Location 99223

Type of a scam Phishing

A man calling himself Oliver called about 1:15p 2/18/2020 and said he was from Credit Card Services. He said they were contacted by Experian and Experian recommended my credit card interest rates be lowered to 6% on all my cards. I said no and hung up. Then he called back from another # and gave his spiel again and I listened. He said if I gave him the last 4 digits of one of my cards he would show me how their service worked and that he would run it by Better Business Bureau (they had connections!). Dumb me I gave him the last 4 digits of a Cap1 card and the experation date. He asked for my social security # and I would not give it. I told him I was hanging up and calling to verify all this. He called one last time and I hung up. He gave his Badge # as BC6909 and said they also go by Card Services Group. I was horrified I had given him so much info so I have contacted Cap1. Cap1 asked me to file a complaint with your agency so am doing so.

Grace – Jan 31, 2020

Victim Location 05301

Type of a scam Phishing

Can hardly call it a "scam" but accented (spanish?) male identified as Credit Card Services. Asked me how I was, and I said "OK." He immediately hung up and I realized I’d made a mistake by saying anything. I searched the phone # that showed high Scam/Fraud probability or history for several years, from Texas. Remains to be seen what this will prompt in my future.They probably now have a recording of my voice giving a positive answer they can insert at will, to my detriment.

Danny –

Victim Location 28277

Type of a scam Credit Cards

This company called my phone advertising a low credit card rate to approve me for 0% to 5%. At first it sounded legit because the caller was able to read me a portion of my credit card info and personal information like the last 4 digits of my social security number. Red flags happened when he asked me to provide the first 6 digits of my social security number which would give him my complete social security number. Then he wanted to charge my credit card for $2990 and at that point he told me he would pay off my credit card and transfer it to a credit card with a lower interest rate to save me money. I told him no and I do not authorize anything. After he got frustrated with trying to convince me, at that point he told me he was going to charge my card anyway and he will ruin my credit. I told him I’ve already cancelled all my credit cards and contacted the credit bureaus to put my account on fraud alert and hung up.

Kaitlin –

Victim Location 65781

Type of a scam Credit Cards

This number called and asked about lowering my interest rate. I asked if this was Citi Bank, they stated, "no" and began to use profanity during the conversation.

Jennifer –

Victim Location 54409

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I receive at least four phone calls a week from someone identifying as Credit Card Services,usually appearing on my caller I.D. as (715 )627-7890. That phone number actually belongs to our local hospital. Thinking it was a legitimate call, I have answered the call. As the call goes on, it is obviously some group trying to offer a 0% interest rate on my credit card. I have usually hung up, but as I get more and more peeved with them, I have asked to be removed from their calling list. Recently their language has turned vulgar when I have told them I have reported them. It is infuriating to receive these calls which are a waste of my time, not to mention the fact that t hey are using someone else’s phone number as identifying them. Today I got the name of David Bryan as the caller, which I suspect is not really his name. When I asked if he was the person who called me yesterday, he denied it. I asked if he was the person who had called th e day before adn he denied it. I asked if he was the one who had called me the previous 37 times and that was when he responded that I shoe go f— my mother. The f word has been used on at least one other occasion, along with kissing sounds.

Terry –

Victim Location 14435

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Robocall -Hi this is Alyssa from card services we hear that you are struggling with your credit card account…

Logan –

Victim Location 63366

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I get frequent calls offering me a lower interest rate, with any credit cards we have. They asked for credit card numbers.

Alberto –

Victim Location 46239

Type of a scam Phishing

I rec’d a phone call from (317)414-9733 from ‘Card Services’ congratulating me on my excellent payment history & that I now qualify for a 0% interest rate on all my credit cards. Press 1 to be connected to a live representative. Rep (Robert O’Neill) id#10523 verified me by name, he had my old addy. Asked about my interest rates & balances on my credit cards, he said he needed my exact balances because they would be closing out each card to make 1 easy pymt with a significantly lower interest rate. He said that with my cards being at 80% usage, & my credit score, that they wouldn’t be able to offer me a 0% int rate but he connived my social security number, address, phone, & my 5 credit card accts. I told him that I didn’t feel comfortable giving any of their He put financial advisor, Claude Davis, id#1013 on who verified the last 4 of my social, verified my card #s, exp dates, phone #s, balances, avail. credit. I told him I had my identity stolen before & he told me, "well since your accounts are pretty much maxed to the limits, why would we max them out? We just want to help you especially in your situation. He put me on hold, then shortly after, a woman named Sandra Summers came on the line & started asking me about my situation, & telling me about how a debt settlement company would settle all my debt for a lesser total amount, but would eliminate all the interest & finance charges. Then she accidentally hung up on me & immediately I got a call from a different phone # (815)724-9871 from Joliet, Illinois. I asked her if she was calling from Joliet, Illinois & she quickly said, no, she was calling from the Sales Floor Phone training center, but she would call me at 1:30 Monday Jan 28th & it would be from toll free Florida phone number prefixed with (844) or (866) number. She assured me she would find the best plan for my situation. Nobody ever called on Monday or any other day this week. So I felt very uncomfortable after giving them my personal information. When nobody call me the entire week, I knew I was scammed. I researched the phone number that she called me from..there’s no name, no company, no addy, affiliated with this phone number & started researching what I needed to do. ***Do NOT ANSWER ANY CALLS FROM CARD SERVICES OR CREDIT CARD SERVICES!!! BEWARE!!!

Luke –

Victim Location 01605

Type of a scam Credit Cards

They state they are credit card bservices.They call to offer you lower fees on your credit card then ask you for your credit card info which they should have if they are legit. Then India you have security in place they say oh there’s a security on your account can you remove it so we can have access!! Scam I hung up. But they call all the time now! Do not give yur credit cards info or acct #s

Pamela –

Victim Location 27312

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

At first a gentleman by the name of Gease Howard claiming to rep VISA and Mastercard offers to consolidate my debt onto a card that I understand to be Visa or Mastercard with a major bank at a 0% interest rate if I pay a $1290 fee for a lifetime membership to this card with a lower rate of 6-7% after the balance transfer and an increase in my credit line. I agree. He returns with an offer from DISCOVER. I am now reluctant and indicate a preference to decline. He hands me over to a Mallori____ who says I should take the card for the lower interest rate. The discussion continues. I agree that I understand what they are offering, but I think the fee is expensive. I tell them in the course of the transaction that it is a new card that has not been activated. We conclude the call. I take a shower and reconsider the decision. I call my card and activate it so I can place a fraud alert. They did attempt to charge the card for the full amount. I have received no card in the mail or benefited from the services they are offering in the 20 min time span of my shower They now have my full social and other card number as well so I place fraud alerts there as well. They call me back and are willing to lower the price for me. I low ball them with a 500 dollar figure to buy time to get other stop gaps in place to keep them from using my information. A quick search on the phone numbers calling me the initial 919 area code phone number comes up with a 919 realty a vague stock photo, no address, and within a single page search Russian and Chinese sites offering information. The next guy that calls me from 3474645537 back tries to bully me by threatening to find to my son’s school and expose me to the PTA and the principal as a racist because he is black. He then wants to talk to the man of the house and tries to insult/scare me that way. He threatens to sue me and that I will hear from Schwarz and Schwarz. I say I look forward to hearing from them. What was very clear and that I repeated throughout the conversation was the word "No, no longer interested because this whole conversation has been very unprofessional. I don’t want to do business with you even if it is too my advantage". They would not take,"No," for an answer. I have set up fraud alerts on all these accounts and my social security number now. The 347 number comes up as a garage door sales out of Brooklyn, NY by way of Ohio depending on which site you click on. The number does not connect to or associate with a company called Credit Card Services that they claim to represent.

Oscar –

Victim Location 47001

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Call several times a day, wanting credit card info “to lower my interest rate,” Call from different local numbers.

Jason –

Victim Location 90505

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

First, they called me a few weeks back asking if I wanted to lower my interest rate on my credit cards. Curious, I went along. We had a brief chat and he hung up. Now today, 11/8/18, I received a call. They offered me the same service and I was certain these were the same people. They asked for my credit card information, last four of social, and address. I provided them with fake information because I knew this was a scam. Surprisingly, they believed me and gave me the number for one of their account managers, where I spoke to a man. I recorded the entire conversation in which he claimed I was sexually impotent, had an oversized right arm due to extreme masturbation, among many other insults regarding my career, my life, etc. I have this all recorded. I was fine with wasting an hour of his time but immediately after the phone call I began to receive multiple phone calls from telemarketers. I placed my phone number on the Do Not Call list and still are receiving these calls. He has refused to answer my calls since and has blocked my number from their line.

Summer –

Victim Location 27534

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I keep getting calls from random local phone numbers. The initial recorded greeting says that they are calling about my credit card account, that they have important details regarding my account, and to press 1 to speak to a representative. Upon pressing 1, a person then greeted me (by name, which I have no clue how they got my name and phone number) and launched into how they can help lower my interest rates. When prompted for their official company name, the representative gave a fake name of "Credit Card Services." When prompted for their official business name, the representative stated they are based in Orlando, FL, which I highly suspect to be inaccurate as well.

Carmen –

Victim Location 99203

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Lucus with Credit Card Services has called me twice re my credit cards – from a bogus phone number. I do not have credit cards

Edward –

Victim Location 27809

Type of a scam Credit Cards

The scammer call within 30 seconds of my activating a new card I had received in the mail. They said this is card services and they had been trying to reach me.

I didn’t say anything, I just hung up. Then they called by from another number 20 seconds later. I hung up again. I hope this helps someone avoid getting scammed.

This is scary because this means someone is filtering calls in the area of people that are calling toll free numbers. They are assuming it is regarding a credit card issue or they are filtering calls directly because they know the toll free numbers to the credit card companies.

Kevin –

Victim Location 07607

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Call everyday claiming they can help with debt and the second you say hello i want you to stop calling they disconnect the call. And if you try to call back it doesnt go through. Its everyday!

Grant –

Victim Location 77036

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I got a phone call from these people claiming to an affiliate of Experian and this person was probing about my current debt and possible options for relief. After asking basic questions like name and company, he refused to give a name and gave a generic name (Credit Card Services) as a business and when I responded that I thought he was fraudulent caller he said "You are wasting my time" and hung up.

Brandy –

Victim Location 77036

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

So I have been getting calls from this scam company for weeks now and I am not sure how to go about mitigating this issue. These guys constantly call asking about credit card debt relief. In this instance, the gentleman answered "Credit Card Services, how are you doing today?" and I responed, "Great!… soon as your fraudulent machine stop calling my phone!"…..the caller disconnected the call immediately. Does anyone know what I can do to avoid these scam calls? To further note, we never get a point where money is requested but it’s clear that is the motivation.



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