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Gina – Mar 04, 2020

I’ve received to same email, but the sender was from [email protected] I looked up the case number and I couldn’t find anything dealing with this email. I kind of scared me at 1st, but I remembered this happened before and I called a number they gave me and it was an India man and I gave him a piece of my mind. This scamming stuff is getting out of hands. I’ve been got once wont get me again

Diana –

Victim Location 77028

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Notice about your previous due loan which was successfully approved on your Name and nothing been paid off yet. While taking the debt your email address. Phone/computer Mac/IP address etc details were trace & saved by our Account Department. Company has some technical evidence and it can be submitted in Courthouse if you do not pay. The principal amount including late charges, rate of interest and affidavit charges it becomes $578.00.

Company License No- CL54817-02550-Creditor & Company Cash Advance Express USA is a legal & licensed based company and we have legal rights to own & operates all types of Payday Loan, Credit Card Loan, Home and properties Loans.

How to pay- You can pay your debt in two ways- First, if you pay just 250.00 today, we will stop this action and file will be closed and second, you can ask for pay arrangements to pay 578.00 in installments including all taxes.

Kindly Note- Once you pay your debt in full, you will get Legal Documents (signed by Attorney) by mail & email stating that case is closed permanently.

We reserve the rights to take legal action against you but we are giving you final chance to pay your debt without any legal consequences. Kindly email us as soon as possible.

Thank You



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