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Adrienne –

Total money lost $650

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied for what I thought was a Personal Loan Online. I got a Phone Call Message on Dec. 19/2019 at 10:50am from a Loan Consultant named Allen Wilson claiming that I was Fully Approved for a $5000,00 Loan. I contacted him on Friday Dec. 20/19 to get details on what I needed to do, he said that he would send me an email Indicating what was needed to proceed. I later received the following Documents; Consumer Loan Agreement, Promissory Note ($5000.00), and Optional Insurance Coverage ($3000.00). I read Everything Fully, and thought that these were Legal, (The Loan Agreement, and Promissory Note Documents name an Adam Brinkley, CEO, Creditpoint Advisors, and the Insurance Document name an Gary Carter, Insurance Adjuster Creditpoint Advisors). These Documents looked Legitimate, but are FAKE! The Consumer Loan Agreement was set at 10% interest rate, 3 Year Term, with a Collateral Payment of $644.00 CAD paid via Direct Deposit. Further down, The Monthly Payments were for $161.00 for 32 Equal Installments commencing on the First of May/ 2020, and ending the First of Dec 2022. I signed the documents and sent them back, along with my Banking Info, and ID Info. Allen Wilson then sent me an email to contact the "Office" by phone on the Morning of the 27th for Payment Instructions. when I did, Iasked him about Payment, and he proceeded to tell me that he was going to send me to an ATM for the deposit as the Loan Agreement indicates (Direct Deposit). he send me to two locations that had Bitcoin Machines, then had me Deposit $650.00 into the machine. I Contacted him an hour later to see if he received it, and when he did he told me that someone from their "Finance Department" would be calling me. An Hour later, I received a call from a lady named Christine ( Probably this guys Wife). She told me that the Finance Dept. had a second look at my Loan and decided that because I am a high risk client, that I had to come up with an additional $3000.00… WHAT? I thought that I was Fully Approved? then She proceeded to tell me that after she negotiated on my behalf to get the amount down to $750.00 and that they could not release the funds until I paid the $750.00. when I contacted Allen Wilson to ask why this was happening as I was relying on this loan to make payment to people I owe, He proceeded to tell me that sometimes this happens, the "Finance Dept" does take a second look at the Client File and that they decided that they require ADDITIONAL FUNDS! When I asked him why he didn’t tell me that before as the Loan was "FULLY APPROVED" according to the approval letter. He then Immediately quoted #2 on the FAKE Promissary Note: (Collection Costs, Attorneys Fees, and Late Charge),Lender reserves the right to perform an independent loan underwriting assessment on the collateral payment. If said payment is deemed Inadequate, Lender shall request additional collateral in the form of an Insurance Policy or Additional Collateral Payment. This is when I finally realized what just happened to my $650.00, and when I asked him to return my money, he then directed me to Christine and told me that it would take between 5 to 6 days for a Certified Cheque to be mailed to me. when I contacted Christine, and told her that I didn’t want to proceed with the Loan, She told me that it would take between 30 to 60 days for a Certified Cheque to be mailed to me. I told her that Allen told me 5 to 6 Days and that the Police told me to get my Money back, she then said "oh, OK!" and then hung up. I Seriously doubt that I will see the Money returned to me, But I at least made sure that the Public NOW knows about these Phony and Fake Advanced Fee Loan Scams. The WORST part about this is that My Entire Christm[censored]iday was ruined over this and NOW My Car is going to be Repossessed! My Credit is Now Completely DESTROYED!



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