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Wesley – Feb 28, 2020

Victim Location 98116

Type of a scam Phishing

This guy is flipping business to commercial lenders and making big money-acting like he is the lender. He wanted me to work with him, but I know he is up to no good. I can’t find any information on him, whatsoever. He gives a business address on his website that is not his. He won’t identify his address to others. Here is all the information I have on his email. Once again, the address is wrong:

John Brown

Senior Vice President

Commercial Real Estate Lender, Inc.

Two Union Square, Suite 4200 – 42nd floor

601 Union Street, Seattle, WA. 98101

Phone: (206) 412-0663

Fax: (206) 279-3461

[email protected]

Regina –

The world of commercial mortgage is a bit murky. I also discovered that the CRElender was not actually the lender after dealing with them for a few weeks. It turned out they were simply a broker that shuttled my file to various real lenders. The original soft quote turned out to be far below what I eventually procured, but my property was refinanced at a competitive rate through the actual lender and closed within 65 days from my initial contact. I’m not mad at them for carving out a bit of the front end rate as my finances are a bit convoluted. I guess my point is, that everyone starts somewhere, and this is not tantamount to a scam “phishing” business. Docs went out and I was satisfied at the end of the day.



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