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Joshua – Jan 30, 2020

Scammer’s phone Unknown

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Employment

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I saw a post for a data entry job with a company called Cresco Labs. Once I had inquired about the job I was directed to download an app called Hangouts to “chat” with the Hiring Manager. After several questions were asked of me I was told I was being hired at $22 per hour and would need a long list of equipment including a Mac Book Pro. I explained that I could not afford all of the things listed as it was likely over $5,000 in equipment and was told the company would cover the cost of the equipment. I was next contact (at 11:59pm) with an update that I would be paid $1,500 per week to post ads regarding employment to my Facebook account and they asked for my username and password. At this point I knew better and have not responded. I found other people who have been scammed in the same way and wanted to put the word out there to NOT GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL information like passwords to anyone! Even if they promise you a million $$$$. I knew they had no means to pay me as I have not given my bank account information, and it was very unprofessional to contact someone at almost midnight regarding something to do with employment. #RedFlags

Roy –

Victim Location 30747

Type of a scam Employment

I responded to a ** ad for a work from home position doing data entry/accounting/medical coding for a company in the medical marijuana industry. Ad was posted by what appeared to be an individual posting the job ad. I responded, this “individual” advised me to use the **app to contact Mr ** for an online interview. I do so and Mr**proceeded to do the online interview and told me the interview would consist of a list of questions and it was important for me to respond quickly. Early in the interview I was asked where I did my banking. I reaponded I did not feel comfortable giving that information at that point. I did a quick ** search of the company name and the person’s name I was supposedly interviewing with and it returned very legitimate sounding results and videos of a man conducting interview saying they were voted ** entrepreneur of the year. I proceeded with the interview and they offered me a job paying 22$ an hour with.full benefits and then transferred me to the personnel department to set it up. They sent a list of equipment and software I would need that included a Mac Book Pro, laser printer, shredder and all kinds of developer software. I told them I could not afford any of this and they said they would provide me with funds to set this home office up via direct deposit.l but first I could make 1500 if I would let them post an ad to my ** profile and asked for my username and password. I did provide this information not thinking through the real implications of this. They then asked me to go to** to purchase a $100.00 prepaid Vanilla card. At that time I was again suspicious of a scam. I questioned this they began to pressure me. I needed to go to ** anyway. I did tell them that if I was required to put any money up front that I could not because I did not have any money. They said you cannot buy a 50.00 card?? I said no if it costs over 1.95 for a green dot card I could not. They said look for an ** card I said I couldn’t find one they then told me to go to another store. I told them that all this could wait until the morning when I would have time to verify their identity. They said okay we will start in the morning after you go open a new bank account that we can use to direct deposit your funds. When I got home I realized they had hacked my ** account and take control of it. I lost all my photos and memories and contacts and they had seized total control over the account. On my camera roll I had pictures of my photo I’d and commercial drivers license that I had used to send ID for online tax filing and such so now they have my photo ID. I kept trying to log on to my account and reset the password using an email address they did not have access to. I could not recover my account but did succeed I believe it locking them out because rhey sent a message in the middle of the night asking why did I lock them out of my Facebook account. In the morning I made a police report, made a complaint to the FCC and FBI and am reporting this scam to the BBB.



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