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Sabrina –

Victim Location 84074

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have received a call from a local #, but then it says to call back 941-251-8162. They leave a message with a case# (319894), tell me I’m the respondent and if I’d like to make a statement before my case gets filed, to call them back. They’ve called me before and I called them back to try and figure out what this was about. They told me it was from a payday loan that I never paid. They had my bank acct# and routing # and told me the only way they would have this info is if I took the loan. This is totally invalid. I’ve searched this number and apparently multiple people have received this call. They’ve asked people for their social security# and full names. The company would not give me any valid information about who they were. I asked them to send me information about this debt and she said I would receive it when I was "served". They claim this debt is from around 2011, but yet I have NEVER seen a collection letter or seen a "mark" on my credit report for any unpaid debt from 2011. Multiple people who have received this have the exact same story: It’s a scam and they are telling people they owe money when they don’t. If this was a reputable company, you would think you could search their phone# or name and get at least a Company name that’s tied to the phone #. There have obviously been multiple people targeted.



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