Crown French Bulldogs Homes

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Heather –

Victim Location 44118

Total money lost $1,600

Type of a scam Other

Crown French Bulldogs Home offered a very inviting website with all of the bells and whistles to appear legitimate. We choose our 10 week old female puppy, and sent a money gram to pay for the dog, and we would be contacted for the shipping. That’s were it got shady. They wanted us to pay $900.00 for insurance refundable upon receipt of the animal. We did! We thought all was well, and we would have our puppy the next day. Today came, and they said the dog needed an air conditioned crate to finish the last leg of her journey at the cost of $2000.00 refundable upon delivery. We did not pay this, and looked up tracking numbers for the dog, and all of the shipping information from the breeders delivery service. We found it, but I felt uneasy about all of the money we spent, and the details surrounding the purchase, and delivery. So I researched the breeder, and delivery service who both showed up on pet scam reports. I hope this helps save the next person from making such an error in judgement.



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