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Bridget – Feb 11, 2020

Victim Location 77316

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Said a old bank was sueing me over a old account but the dates they had where not correct so I called the back and I was told everything had been paid in full and have no open accounts.

Bridget –

Victim Location 27107

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was contacted by phone and left a voicemail from a lady stating that I was going to be served for a debt that was outstanding and that I needed to contact the number she provided in the voicemail. The voicemail also had a case number that I was to give when I called in.

I called the number and gave the case number to the lady that answered the phone…she put me on a long hold and then went on to tell me that she worked as a paralegal for a CRS LLC and was attempting to collect a debt I owed to Wachovia bank from 2008. I begin to question her as to why I was never contacted about this supposed debt sooner and she said she could not answer that question because she was not sure. We begin to talk about what I should do next and my options and she proceeds to tell me that I only have a few days to either pay the debt in full which was 448.00 and some change or I would be sued and that I would either be served with papers at home or at my place of employment. She also lets me know that we can do payments if that’s the route I chose to go.

I told her I would have to do my research before I handed money out to anyone and she agreed and said she would call me back the next day.

Once we got off the phone I started thinking about the odd way this company had went about things so I started to research. Not only had I closed my Wachovia account in good standings but I had also had a Wells Fargo account up until about two years ago. I decided to contact Wells Fargo and was informed that every account that I have ever held with them has been left in good standing. So I dig a little deeper and Come to find out I am definitely not the only person they have tried to run this scam on. Please whatever you do, do not fall for this scam…it sounds legitimate but it is definitely not! They are not able to provide any paper work and really down right refuse to send you anything by mail! I have checked their business name and numbers with the and there is no trace of them!!!!!

These scammers sound really smart and sometimes have all of your personal information down to yous SS number…do not verify any information with them and if you encounter them run the other way!!!!!



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