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Tonya – Jul 10, 2020

It’s fake and misleading: If you see these types of jobs make sure to report to Indeed from posting. I knew something was right the posting was taken down right after I sent my resume and they keep sending me e-mails relentlessly to apply. Also no company name.

Virtual Assistant (Work at Home)
Casual Joe’s Home Improvement

Portland, OR
Job Description:
Answer incoming calls from consumers including the general public, prospective enrollees and people assisting enrollees or acting on their behalf in accordance with all performance standards, policy and procedures, and protocols including but not limited to the confidentiality and privacy policies.
Track and document all inquiries using the applicable systems.
Complete associated tasks according to the established guidelines.
Track and document all inquiries using the applicable systems

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $17.00 – $28.00 per hour

Florida Limited Liability Company CRYPTO CURRENCY VENTURES INC
Document Number P17000091940
FEI/EIN Number 82-3371689
Date Filed 11/15/2017

Samantha – Jul 09, 2020

Oh well I should have read this before I send my resume n application,, thank you

Katelyn – Jul 10, 2020

You could report them from the listing that I sent my resume to.…

Karl – Jun 19, 2020

They advertised on posing as Aspen Learning Lab advertising for an Assistant Payment Finance (work at home).
Within hours, I received an email from them saying “Our hiring team has reviewed your resume on indeed and you have been shortlisted for a interviews.”
Easy to spot a scam when the writer can’t formulate a sentence with correct grammar.
The email had 2 attachments, one of which outlined their supposed company information, and the other asking for lots of personal information to be sent to [email protected]
When I went back to indeed to report the scam, the ad had been removed.

Albert – Mar 05, 2020

Type of a scam Employment

The scammed initially contacted me with a work from home employment opportunity, using the name, Natalie Aarons. Claiming to be a HTC manager, at Crypto Currency Ventures, inquiring about a short phone interview. I recieve a call from a Florida phone number, from a man, stating Natalie was unavailable for the phone interview. It really wasn’t an interview at all, he just described the job details and stated I woks receive an email shortly with the employment agreement and other online documents to be completed ASAP. I received an email shortly after, with documents attatched. One was an employment agreement, as well as a direct deposit form requesting my bank information and etransfer info. The email also requested that I send a picture of myself holding my drivers license. I wrote an email back, requesting more information about the company, etc. Received a couple emails back, none of which answered my question about the company, just sending me a link to the "corporate website". When I tried to email the "corporate email address", provided on the website, my email was rejected. I researched the email address IP, and the geolocation came up as Russia, on several websites. I also researched the address provided on the website (801 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL), and it comes up as a "virtual office space". Which means literally anyone can pay to use this address as a buisness address for their virtual buisness. My last email to "Natalie Aarons", I stated i was going to report this company, and received no reply. I should also note that I requested to speak with, Natalie Aarons, personally… several times. And never once spoke to a female. I caught on to the scam, before I gave out any valuable information. Otherwise, I’m certain I would have become a victim to identity theft, or worse.



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