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Stephen – Mar 04, 2020

Victim Location 65807

Total money lost $900

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

"Braxton" asked for an investment of $300 that would yield a $2,600 return in a week. A couple days later asked for a $600 deposti to keep trade going that guaranteed payout in 4 days. On the 4th day asked for another $1,200 in order to withdrawal funds.

Kristina – Feb 23, 2020

First they will promise you that if you send them $500 worth of bitcoin you will be able to withdraw $2500 in 7 days with the promise of give them 10% of your money. Then after that they will say there is a special promotion for the week where you will be able to make $25000 or more if you deposit more, I did. If you say no because you don’t have any more money they will say you can pay them back after you withdraw in 7 days. So I paid them. After a couple of days they will inform you there is a change in the company policy and now you need to pay them another money in order for you to withdraw your money. Their English is terrible, they communicate thru a WhatsApp number,etc, etc. Nothing but a big bunch of thieves. I luckily came across some experts who later helped me get back my money from them.

I’d leave the email address of the experts, Any victim should write a mail to them requesting they help you recover your lost fund to those bunch of thieves..

[email protected]

Andre –

He also scammed me worth of $5000.

He is smart to tell me to use to buy the bitcoin and transfer it to cryptofxsignal website that he owns pretty much a control and end up giving those fund direct to him. He asking for $2000 worth of bitcoin to pay him so i can transfer the so called earnings that doesn’t exist.

Hes IG:

And the website:

He uses a whatsapp account as well

All of this is a scam.



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