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Jacob – Apr 10, 2020

Same thing happened be careful of work from home jobs. Researcher before hand

Jose – Apr 09, 2020

Imy name is Arthur, I am one of the victims of this so-called “business” Indeed, I was hired by ashley howell then I was quickly given a supervisor by the name of daniela Stevenson. We have been working for over a month. my job consisted in making transactions, that is to say, taking the money they send through my bank account and going to buy bitcoin in different ATMs here in the USA in the state of georgia. I made transfers of more or less 15,000 dollars in the space of a month and the day I asked them for my salary because it started to hang out a lot, both of them blocked me. their telephones and e-mail boxes do not pass until today. I ask all those who can know how to file a complaint against these adventurers to be able to contact me at: 4705107552.

Kellie – Mar 15, 2020

Scammer’s phone 5185434440

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address Germany

Scammer’s email [email protected], [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Employment

Initial means of contact Email

I was contacted by them by email, they stated they had work for me and had studied over my resume that I had submitted through job aids like Indeed, etc.

It was going to be for 20 hours a week, $2800 a month after taxes, plus 5% commission per each customer served. They asked for my bank information so they could wire me my money once I started work and they also required me to take a picture of myself with my driver’s license so they could confirm it was me and not someone else posing as me. After all this, I haven’t heard back from them. What do I do?

Heidi – Mar 15, 2020

I also went though the same situation, but they asked for a picture ID of me, so they wanted me to take a picture of my drivers license by my face and they got my bank account information. And then stopped reporting or answering my emails. What should I do? [email protected]


Phone: +1 (518) 543-4440

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