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Cara – May 06, 2020

Victim Location 33068

Total money lost $7,250

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I found this job offer on freelancer.com from the company that they claim to be working from of CSG International. I spoke to a person named Regina Beffor who claimed that they were a hiring manager for the company. They then proceeded to interview and offer me a job. I was then told that they need to send me a check to then order from a vendor for my working materials to be sent to my house. Once I received the check they told me that I needed to deposit it right away and then let them know. They were very pushy and insistent that this be done RIGHT AWAY. I then had to send the money in $1000 increments to a vendor named Sheila Ward through CashApp. They then told me the next day that they needed to upgrade all of the equipment and that they are sending me another check and to do the same thing as before. I was also told that I needed to purchase two $100 ITunes gift cards and also 5 $100 Google Play Gift Cards.

When I asked them about this they first denied it and said he has no idea how anybody could get access to my account. But after I explained to him that the bank said they were fraudulent checks he said "wow, You just found that out now." And now he is not answering any of my messages.

Maria –

Victim Location 11968

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Company obtained my resume from ZipRecruiter and "hired" me as an Administrative Assistant. On the 2nd day, a check in the amount of $6,600.00 was Express Mailed to me to deposit to eventually purchase software for the job. I called the bank and the company from whose account the check was drawn and was told the check was no good and the whole thing was a scam. I did report this to the Southampton Town Police Department.

Caitlin –

Victim Location 64119

Type of a scam Employment

Was initially texted for a job interview via skype. The individual on the text said they were Barbara Follin the hiring manager of CSF International. The person on skype who was conducting the interview was Mrs Christine Mellon. The interview was position title and pay was inconsistent. My questions were not being answered and the type between comments was as long as it took me to say anything. Found the job was NOT listed by the company. The information given was what you would not normally get from an interview. The person first started by saying their college background, which seemed an odd fit for their position. They did not ask me any questions regarding my background. I believe that this was the employment scam.

Kyle –

Victim Location 85017

Type of a scam Employment

I was applying for jobs on zip recruiter.com I did it on the Phone app I got an email from CSG international about a work from home job they said the salary is $45 an hour starting off and $31 an hour for training and training would be one week I googled it I looked up employee reviews



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