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Bryce –

Victim Location 71847

Total money lost $3,599

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I order two male puppies from a breeder in Washington, DC. I sent him the money to pay for the puppies. The puppies were to be sent to me by plane, the shipper that was used CSLT Pet Shippers emailed me to regards to the puppies that I needed to send them money for a safe carrier(cage) in the amount of $1,499.00, I sent it because I wanted to make sure that the puppies traveled safe. Then I get another email saying I have to send them more money for insurance in the amount of $1,050.00 that was also refundable when I get the puppies at the airport! They send me a email saying the puppies had been sent out on a United Airline, I called the airline to check on the puppies and guess what, they have no record of them ever being put on the plane!! So I tried several times to get in touch with the Seller as well as the shipper, no response for at all from the seller as for the shipper they finally emailed after I received a email from a United Animal Rescue saying that they have the puppies but I can’t have them until I send the shipper another $2,150.00 that suppose to be refundable!! I tried for two days to get in touch with the shipper no response! Finally was able to get them when I told them I was turning them in for scamming me! They said they where not scamming me but I need to send them the money so they can pay for the puppies and resend them! They would not give me any information about the United Animal Rescue so that I could try and call them. Now I am out $3,549.00 and plus no puppies!!



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