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Amelia – Mar 17, 2020

Victim Location 89131

Type of a scam Debt Collections

First this company called my husband back in Sept 2019 and convinced him that he had to pay 12,000 or they were going to attach his wages but if he paid $2000 right now they would wipe it clean. He told them he needed to call his wife they said sorry the deal is void if you hang up – he was worried as we just had a similar situation happen to us about a year ago and we ended up filing BK- This debt they were calling about was not on our credit report and was from 2008 and no court cases had been filed and we have never ever been sent any paper work regarding the debt as it was for vehicle that we surrendered. My husband ended up paying the $2000 then called me and I freaked out started investigating these people called our bank – we ended up making a police report and our bank and reversed the money because the company IS FAKE – they had 3 different addresses 4 different phone numbers and they tried to get my husband to sign a doc u sign but we never even opened it. That situation was resloved – now yesterday we receive a plain white envelope cleary store bought nothing fancy with a single piece of copy paper again nothing fancy no letter head – something anyone could type up on their computer – Stating my husband owes 12,000 and needs to pay it by March 27 and to call this number 678-408-4006 to avoid legal action and wage garnishment – I tried searching for this so called CSN company – nothing exists – the address they provided is a large office building with several different offices but they do not have a suite number on this letter so clearly they are just using the address – they say they are from Alanta, GA but the letter was post marked from North Carolina – DON’T FALL For these PEOPLE THEY ARE SCAMMERS

Clayton –

Victim Location 28027

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I want to University ** *** more than 10 years ago. I did default on my student loan, but then I paid my loans. I began getting calls about 10 years ago from collection agencies for my loan balance. I paid the negotiated balance. about a year and a half ago I received a call from a collection agency regarding my student loan. I again made arrangements to pay it because I had no proof that I paid it previously. I received a paid in full letter. last year, I received another call from another agency stating that the previous agency did not report the payment and if I did not want a lien on my home I needed to pay another negotiated balance. I Paid it to keep my credit clean. Now I am receiving calls from csn Student Loan Recovery Service for my student loan. I explained that I have already paid twice and they said that it doesn’t matter, if I don’t pay, my wages will be garnished and they just need payment. I do not want to pay anything else toward this loan that I have already paid several times.

Darren –

Victim Location 33511

Type of a scam Debt Collections

These people have called me, my husband and my parents in regards to my “student loans”. They offered me a settlement and wanted my credit card info. I called my school and they assured me that I do not have debt and that this was not a legitimate company.



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