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Melanie –

Victim Location 28210

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

My husband and I received an invoice from CT Corporation/ Wolter Skluwer for ‘Services Covered.’ However, we never requested said ‘services’ nor do we know anything about this company. When I called to discuss this and explain that they have the wrong person/company/address for this bill, the woman I was speaking with, said she would email me a notice that the bill was incorrect. I said I was not going to provide her my email address and I would like a mailed letter, and she interrupted me, by stating they had (my email address) on file. I was shocked that she had my email address and I asked how she had my email address, company name, and home address. She had no response except that, she "was looking into it." I asked what services were provided and she said she was, "looking through the file…doing some research on the file…" This went on for ten minutes and finally I asked for her manager’s name. I called my husband to tell him I got nowhere and no explanation for the bill, and he googled the Federal Tax Id number on the invoice and said it was a fraudulent pdf invoice. After we hung up, I looked up the company to see if it ‘looked legit’- which it did. I filled out a contact sheet (including my email address, home address, business name, full name, and invoice number) and clicked on the ‘chat’ link. I chatted with a man named Carlos for approximately 30 minutes and he continuously asked me for my contact information, which I had just filled out before we started chatting. I said I would not provide that information, as they already have ALL of my information on file. I asked WHY and HOW they have all of my information associated with this invoice and his reply was, "People assign CT to be their registered agent without informing us. We have a team that research these businesses to get information to bill them for our services." Sooooooooo….. the team pulled my contact information out of thin air and they sent me a bill???? I said I would not provide my information to him as he already had it on file. He said, "I will not be able to cancel the current invoice….for security purposes and policy procedure…" he wanted me to give him my email address, home address, name, and phone number.

Brent –

Victim Location 90212

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

This company has been sending me postal mail once as week every week fro the past 2 months and claiming that I have an invoice due. I have never heard or ever as for and services of any king from (CT CORPORATION). I called the tool free number and the reps could not give me a straight answer as to why they are sending me a mailer every week demanding that I pay for an invoice that I know nothing about. The agents would not disclose what this invoice mailer was about and very rudely hung up on me. I strongly believe that this company a scam and needs to be investigated asap.



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