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Sara – Mar 06, 2020

Victim Location 11357

Total money lost $99.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Cuber Market is a fraudulent website. Their main form of reaching people is through Facebook. They advertise baby/children items such as strollers, car seat, playpens, high chairs, at factory prices. Thus far they’ve been stating on their FB page that the best way to place an order is to go to their website. The recommended payment option is to utilize Paypal but also state on their site other forms of payment are accepted.

Once you order an item(s), you directed to a page where your order information should be listed, its all blank. The only proof of purchase you receive is from your payment (credit, debit, pay pal) used. I used paypal so I got my reciept from them. That info gives you details such as who the "seller" is, how much you paid. Thats as far as it goes, there is no other contact information. There is an email on the site, where youre instructed to get any information you need regarding your purchase. Only you never hear from anyone you never recieve any items purchased and the money you paid is now gone. If youre lucky you may get an email addrsss of the selller, thats fake too and no one ever replies.

If you go to their FB page, there are positive reviews from what look like successful purchases from people who are happy with their merchandise. And alao interact with other FB users who asks questions. Like when will my order arrive? If theyre happy with the purchase? Cuber Market in an attempt to keep you lured in will even answer questions and go back and forth with would be prospective buyers. Anything negative is deleted or hidden, unless you do a really good search on FB

Upon further review youll notice the FB replies with positive posts have no recent activity. Some going back almost 4 years or more.

If you complain on their page, youre blocked. If you warn poepple its a scam youre blocked or your posting privilage is revoked.

Clealry the site is a scam. But even more so they are utilizing some

kind of loop hole, that is provided using Paypal. Theres been various complaints posted on the FB Group created by frustrated people whove been scammed. Some are denied a redund from Paypal or the debit/credit card companies. Some people never see their money again and are left without the merchadise they thought they were ordering. It abhorrent that this "company" continur to be allowed to scam expectant parents, grandparents, family, friends.

The FB page has been reported numerous times as a scam and FB states its not violating its guidelines. Its been reported to Paypal and yet still there are complaints of either fighting for a redund or lack of one, same issue with debit/credit cards.



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