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Jasmine –

Victim Location 01013

Total money lost $550

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My wife and I were interested in buying a puppy online, so we purchased a Pomeranian off of the website We were told that we needed to pay a $250 deposit through Western Union in order to originally ship the puppy to us. We did pay for this. They got us out of $550 in total. We were told that the puppy did ship, and were contacted by Instant Pet Carriers (, and were told that they needed a deposit of $950 for an electronic crate to keep the puppy warm. I was suspicious when they told me that, upon the arrival of my puppy, they would give me $905 in cash to make up for this expense. This is when I requested my receipt from Western Union, and even though the man I spoke to said that he was located in Maryland, the receipt said Bronx, NY and the receipt was in Spanish. I then realized that I had no idea where the "puppy" was actually located. I immediately ceased speaking to these people and knew that I had been scammed.



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