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Luis –

Victim Location 10528

Type of a scam Other

a guy called Bobby Blank called and said i was on his list of 6 empowered business women and they want me to be on the show and then spent an hour telling me how amazing it would be for my business and how fabulous the radio show would be and how much it would help my business….very very very convincing and very well thought out, very professional and very slick……wanted $2500 , then when i said no he offered it me for $1500, i stupidly agreed, gave him my card number and said i would receive call in a hour…..after i put phone down i felt something weird about it….no contract to sign nothing….i immediately called my card and canceled it and blocked it. checked on google, and they have a history of phone scams……Hugely clever scam….but spine chilling disgusting.



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