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Charlotte – Dec 11, 2020

My Parents have just been scammed by this disgusting company.

A sort of trojan virus took over thier screen saying there was a virus and they should call microsoft on the number…

The number was dtd but they answered the phone saying they were microsoft! Somehow they managed to get full remote access and pretended to fix th problem and then asked for a charge of £480 which would also include 5 years of 24/7 support. My parents said they were extremely convincing they really thought it was microsoft until they realised they had made a payment to DTD and called em to ask if they had been scammed.
Hopefully the credit card company will provide a refund and I hope thier personal data has not ben compromised it took hours to change all thier passwords and do a full anti virus scan.

How can this company not be shut down by the international police? It must be easy to tack them unless they are protected by a foreign govenment. Microsoft need to know they are impersonating them.

I called them and lost it with the guy on the phone, he said “I need to put food on the table” at least he was honest with me. He must have a very sad life. Its a free phone number so please harass them and waste thier time as much a you can!

This was in the UK. The free phone numbers make it look legit.

Zachary – Sep 04, 2020

In April they contacted me saying my computer had been hacked and convinced me through fear that I would loose complete control of all my confidential info into purchasing software to the value of over $1000.
On Sunday 30 August they called me to say they were upgrading the software.
20 min later they asked me to view my screen and I was exposed to Porn, teen porn and they showed me they had visibility to my passwords. they advised me to log into my bank details and change my passwords whilst they watched to which I refused.
They then claimed that the hackers had taken over my IP address and mine and my families devices were all at risk and they could fix it for me but needed to act quickly. They quoted me $4600! I informed them I wanted to consult an IT friend to which they advised against and then dropped the price to $3700. they continued to tell me they needed to act on this with speed as I was at risk. I told them I would be calling my friend. My IT friend told me to immediately disconnect as this is a well known scam. they continued to call back but did not answer

Todd – Aug 31, 2020

Victim location: Crayford, UK
Date: 27/8/2020
Amount paid: £149.00
Inviice number: DTD-08-0713

My story:
A message from Microsoft popped up saying that my laptop is at risk including potential access to my credut account. That also gave a phone number saying to call immediately or they will have the access to fix. I then called on the number and a guy picked up the phone (I can’t remember the name now). He explained that my laptop is virus affected and needs to upgrade. Once that is done they will put the securuty protected so that any 3rd party cannot access to it. He then asked for the access to my laptop and gave the access. He showed some examples of the risk and corrupted files and asked whether I want to resolve the problem.
To do that all, I needed to pay £149.00 also mentioned to pay in $$. I was scared of the file corruption and access to my credit/debit acciunts. So, I decided ti fix the problem. Then, I gave my credit card details and he was completing a form which I could see on my laptop. He also mentioned the nearest merchant from my locatiin which was in the Dubai bank where the money gone.
After the completion of the payment, he explained that a technicuan will take charge of the repair.
When it was passed to the tchnician, he asked to add another £50.00 for a year’s guarantee. I explained him that the person who I spoke before already mentioned that £149.00 was for a year. Then, he accepted the deal of £149.00 and aslo said that it wiuld take abiut 30 minutes ti complete. I then waited just looking on the scree.
After some time, he called me again and explained that alll the job was done. Also, he informed me that there may be other parties who may call, explain the risk that I may have on my laptop, and so, do not tell them and let your details know.
The foĺlowing day, I again received a call from a lady that she was from DTD and asked whether my laptop has any problem. I said no. She then repeated the simiar instruction as of the previous day.
When there were some conflicting informatiin abiut the period of coverage and the price, I had a suspection even if I let the party do the work.
For peace of mind aand confirmation abiut whether I did wrong, I xplained this all with one of my friends. He said that it must be a scammer. So, I am more worried that I have been scammed. Not only my money is gone but also the party got access to all my data. That is why I am reporting the event and requesting you to take steps in refunding my money back.

Contact details of DTD as appeared in the invoice:
UK helpline number:
US helpline:
Email: [email protected]

Kate – Sep 07, 2020

The company contacted me for a resolution after which i asked for a refund. The company happily provided me the refund.

They are not scammers and i am very happy with the response. Kindly, do not consider my previous comment. My issues is resolved and I would like to give five rating to DTD technology .

Cynthia – Aug 02, 2020

Had problems with my computer and googled for technicians to fix them. Found the DTD Technology website and thought that company could help me. Can’t rememberhow but contact with Sam Billings Ext.No: 407 and offered me a lifelong plan, details below
TOLL FREE NO: 1-800-921-676
Secondary Toll Free: 1-800-682-351
Plan: Lifetime Security + Support
Amount: $900.00 USD
-Unlimited software support – covers all devices.
July 20 I fell for two sams.
1) got a phone from DTD that the company will not operate any more and they would refund the $900.00 USD. They needed access to my acount and which i gave them, and tolled me to put #200 in a box. On my bank statement an amound of $20,000 was shown. Ooh said the person, theat’s a smistake. To cut the storey short they couldn’t get it back. Then he offered different solutions, but i realised it’s a scam. The person kept calling me constandly, but i didn’t answer. I tried to shut the computer down by cut pulling power plug, that wasn’t possible then i pushed the power bar on the laptop for a long time until shut down.
Lukily, my bank realised that it was a scam and blocked the account.
2) Week later i called again TDT for some problems which they fixed, but referred me to another person who offered me a comprehensive antivirus program some $7,000. My coputer knowledgebasic is fairly basic and it was bejont my comprehension. I told him i would by Avast what i had before, but he told me he had already installed the program. Then he asksed me to pay $1000, The person kept talking and my head was exploding. All i was possible to do got rid of him is the same as outlined in 1) above.
I can’t understand why i haven’t learned from #1)
Thanks to the Bank again who did blocked the account.

Micheal – Jun 17, 2020

my experience is very similar to the above the total value lost $600 USD the scam occurred March 2020 and the credit card was charged in Doha Qatar.
Since then I have had 2 followup calls from them from them looking for further opportunities the area code was from Colorado not that means much other than to say they’re still at it and wide spread.

Brandon –

Victim Location 78729

Type of a scam Tech Support

My computer was hacked by them. There was a phone number that popped up that I was to call along with a warning that my computer was in danger and not to turn it off or use It was frozen even after restarting. Called the number and before I knew what was happening they had remote access to my computer. To make a long story short they said not to worry they will fix it that it was hacked. it took about an hour. First it was going to cost several hundred dollars Then they came down since I was a senior citizen. When it was time to pay the credit card did not go through because they wanted me to pay in foreign money (Qartar) They said it was an international bank. A light bulb went off and I said That was wrong and my credit card was denied due to foreign money. Than they wanted me to call the credit card company and tell them it was ok to pay them. At that time I hung up and decided I was definitely scammed.

Christine –

Victim Location 59828

Total money lost $479.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

Pop up saying from Microsoft. Said our computer was being attacked and would close down. It gave a phone number to call. When we called the phone number they said they were from Microsoft and that our computer was being hacked. They told us we needed a Level 7 Cisco Certified Tech to stop the attack and clean out the malware that was being installed on our system. We called the number they gave us. It connected us to a Company called DTD Technology. A person identified themself as Dave Johnson and said he was a Certified Level 7 Cisco Tech. He asked if he could get on our computer and see what microsoft had alerted us about. We gave him permission to do so. He looked at our computer and said a malware named Clampi had attached to our IP address and was stealing our information every time we opened an application including all our credit card and banking info. He stated he could clean it out of our system and would install Norton Security on our computer to protect us. He also gave us his phone number as 855-655-5590. He said it would cost $479.99 to clean up our computer and install Norton. He said as we were compromised we should not use a credit card but asked for an electronic check which we issued to DTD Technology. Our computer showed Norton installed and he said he guaranteed his work for 1 year so to contact him if we had any further issues. He did not send us an email or give us any info about the Norton package installed. When I tried to update and access the Norton virus protection, it asked for my log in and password. Nothing came up. I called Norton and they looked up the product registration number. It did not show up on their system. Thats when we found out about the scam.

Website: www.dtdtechnology.net

Phone: +1 (180) 068-2351

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