Far fan poodle farm

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Sheila –

Victim Location 13753

Total money lost $650

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw an add for poodle puppies at half price on the search engine. So I decided to email them after going to their site and answering some questions. They emailed me back and told that they thought I was a good candidate for a puppy. They wanted to get things moving right away and told me how much it would cost to ship the puppy to me. They offered me door to door service for an additional $50, which I rejected. I sent the payment by Moneygram [I was skeptical so I called Moneygram and they advised me NOT to send the money. I did anyway and they canceled it!] The next day I went to my bank and withdrew the cash and went to a local CVS and completed the money transfer. I was going to pick up the puppy in Binghamton @ 3:30 pm that day. I asked for the flight info and he then told me he had arranged for the door to door delivery. [so as not to stress me] And that the puppy would be delivered to my door by a carrier at 6:30 pm that day. Now I know he did that so I would not go to the airport! I was almost home when I got a message that I needed to send money for a special crate and insurance. [Another $1200.00] That is when I finally let myself realize that I had been scammed!



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