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Joseph –

Victim Location 34212

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email from Ms. Ella Chen looking for a project manager for their company Medys S.P.A, and Italian medical equipment leasing company, the email looked OK so I replied with my interest. I was directed to load my resume in their website And so I did. soon after I had Ms Chen scheduling an phone interview, the phone interview was a typical tell me about yourself, no direct experience questions came that relate to me resume. After full 13 minutes the interview was done. the next day I was emailed by Ms. Chen that I was selected, and that I will be contacted by the Regional Manager Mr. Landon Lloyd with the next steps instructions etc. she also notified me that I will go on to a company training. My Wife and I got very suspicions and started looking for more information. The email from Mr. Lloyd came shortly after, it had a one month contract where it was explained that there are 30 days of training, for those I will be payed by check $2500 (With a 1099 form etc.). I had the contract checked by a lawyer that saw no foul play in it. the Lawyer was looking for some information about the company and came out with almost nothing, the Lawyer suggested not to give any personal details. in a quick search we did fine an FDA complaint to Medys F.D.A in Milan Italy (The web site states Rome Italy).

I and my wife saw that things are not adding up:

1. The address in NY – A friend that works in the area went there to look for the company and found no trace of them.

2. The Address in Rome – I called the management company and they never heard of them.

3. The Address in Hong Kong – is a construction site.

4. The New Address I was given for the new Florida Office – Management company never heard of them.

5. The company Website was created on 12/03/2018…about two weeks prior to the initial email.

6. Other emails like the head of HR department Mr. Alessandro Tommasini who is signed in the name of the company did not work.

On Friday 12/21 I wanted to test Mr. Lloyd and emailed him that I plan to be in NYC for the holidays, and would like to visit, I was told that they are in office Monday 12/24 but then will work remotely for the holidays. On Monday I emailed that I am on my way and got an elusive reply that the office is only with accounting and everyone else are working remotely.

Later that day I emailed that I cannot find the company in that building and never heard from Mr Lloyd again.

I guess the plan was to eventually get my personal detail i.e. Bank account and SSN. Or potentially cash the $2500

I hope this helps others!!!



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