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Cole –

Victim Location 80110

Total money lost $10,000

Type of a scam Tech Support

Initial contact for support, contract for a year at $590. ,On March 16. They called to tell me that they are forced to shut down and return the money. In process of returning the money, they went into my computer, took control had me sign into my account to transfer the credit, but all of a sudden during the transfer, a mistake of $10,000 accidentally got transferred to my account. They flashed the balance so it really looked that way. Told me that I had to go immediatly to my bank and get out the difference . They gave me instructions. Make the cashier’s check to Nusrat Rabbee and Associate. Chase Bank 10430 Highland Manor Dr. Tampa FL. Account number ***. Route# ***. Robert Wilson was the person who I was in contact with. He said that I was not to ask about my balance at the teller, totally threatening me. Told me not to hang up the phone and to keep constantly in contact till the end of the transaction.



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