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Donald –

Total money lost $2,540

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I had purchased a dog from a "breeder" online (filed a fraud report on them a well) this company was to safely deliver her to me. I was contacted via email that they needed to give her a vaccine and she needed a special crate to travel in that I had to rent. I sent them the first money gram for that amount ($990) after my sister called them and spoke to them on the phone about everything as I was at work.

He was very good at answering her questions and mine when I called to get updates. Later that day I got another email stating that they were missing insurance and that I needed to purchase insurance for her to be released by customs. I sent another $1550 for this to happen. It never happened. I tried calling and emailing him again with zero response. I called latterly 40 times in a half hour span with no answer what so ever.



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