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Sara – Oct 20, 2020

I ordered two Led Lightbulbs for my hottub (order #5749) at $44.76 each. Several hours later I received an email that my “order has been cancelled because either the product is on backorder or the product no longer available. Payment in regards to order has been voided. Please contact us for more information. Below is the summary of the order.”

Oddly enough, I revisted their website the following morning, and see that I can order the same exact thing for $57.27! Seems like there’s a scam going on here.

Heather – Aug 08, 2020

Ordered a skimmer pole for the pool. They accepted my order and I got a confirmation, but never received the merchandise. I have gone to their website to track the order and they have no method to even track it. I have sent an email on their site with no response to date.

Stacey – May 22, 2020

Victim Location 08085

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I attempted to order a $200 item from Sapaso Pools. They immediately cancelled it, increased the price to $300, and told me to reorder, which I did because I needed the item and it was still a good price. Then they immediately cancelled it again, this time saying the product was damaged. Then they started using my credit card to buy online stuff (cell phones and stuff from Fila)

Crystal – May 27, 2020


This is a fake review as we have never used this customer credit card to buy anything.

This customer has placed an order with us and yes we have canceled the order (for the same and also refunded the customer (We have the bank details so that customer has received the refund)

We follow the PCI compliance, in which businesses follow to secure & protect credit card data provided by cardholders and transmitted through card processing transactions. We are requesting this customer to show us the credit card details where it is showing that we have purchased these stuff (cell phones and stuff from Fila).

We have even emailed this customer in which we wrote this that we will let you know the eta for the new arrival product (we have the email proof with us). We are requesting Scampulse to review this, as this is a very serious allegation on us.

Thank you,

Sapaso Pools Team

Henry – May 28, 2020

Victim Location 07077

Total money lost $110

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Not a real business. Tracked down individual and he admitted he stole my money. I notified local authorities to are going to contact the sheriff’s department in California in Norwalk California where the criminal resides

Jessie – May 28, 2020

This was reported in Sep 2018 (As per Scampulse Records) & again a fake review, because such a thing never happened. We are requesting this person to show a copy of the complaint with the Sheriffs.

We have never stolen anyone’s money and our office is also not Norwalk California.

Requesting Sacmpulse to remove this review.

Thank you,

Sapaso Pools Team

Jacqueline –

Victim Location 24538

Total money lost $60

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Sapaso pools internet site, provides no address or contact info no phone number, no delivery of the product ordered. When emailed to [email protected] They replied with very broken English (non-American) according to sentence structure. They provided FedEx tracking number which was not legit and stated it showed delivered and said they couldn’t help it if someone took our package from our porch. They refused to provide us with an address or phone number. This site needs to be shut down immediately.

Hector –

This review was reported in 2017 and after disputing this review with BBB, they have marked this review as invalid and removed it from their BBB website.

We have requested Scampulse many times to remove this review also sent Scampulse screenshot of BBB emails in which they mentioned that they have deleted this invalid review, but Scampulse hasn’t taken any action yet. We are again requesting Sampulse to remove this review.

Thank you,

Sapaso Pools Team



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