St Karas Clothing llc

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Luis –

Victim Location 91387

Total money lost $249

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Regarding prices, they over charged me $300 for 4 articles of clothing!!! I told they lady who rang me up I’m not willing to pay that much and she claimed that because they had to "print" on the clothing that I can’t back out of my purchase?! Let alone they were pushy and specifically said "I’m not here to steal your money, take your time" as I was shopping. Also I didn’t print anything except ONE shirt, the other ones I looked at already had a print on them. They don’t let you know their prices either, they have a laminated sheet at the very back of the store not even up where people can see it, it’s almost even hiding behind the counter. They grabbed my things and took it behind the counter so I couldn’t even decide if I still wanted it or not. This store is ridiculous and I’m staying away from them and Venice. You won’t see me there again. I would like a refund.



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