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Lucas –

Victim Location 01545

Type of a scam Other

unsure exactly what they are trying to do. Not sure if they are trying to say we owe and collect $$ or maybe getting info to commit id fraud to steal $$? unsure…

"Lisa Twiss" from "Torred Law" calls to ask for my husband, he’s at work. She did say this call is being recorded. How can I get a hold of him? I asked who is this and she gave me her name and Co. (Sounds similar to someone’s wh had been calling who we think is also a scam but did not report it that time). She asked if I was his wife and said I know this is frustrating but I can’t give you info, it’s a personal matter.

Woman eventually hung up without giving info how to contact her/ them…

I called back caller ID to find out if it would call back, it did and she confirmed the number and name again.


My husband called from work. He said they wouldn’t give him any info, they asked for his DOB and SSN to properly id him and then asked for his credit card number. What legit business is going to do that?

He said absolutely no way. they gave him an address to mail something to to request the info in writing.

The last time something similar happened. We actually went to the court house, had a letter written to them to request the information and we never heard from that company…they would call every several months. It was very bizarre. That time they did say it was about a credit card my husband had closed several years prior but then again there was no specific info given to them. My husband was trying to piece things together….they said the type of CC



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