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Ticket Fulfillment Services LP

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Rachel – May 28, 2020 Victim Location 93013 Total money lost $469.50 Type of a scam Other Bought tickets through for Jurassic Live Tour in January before Covid happened. According to their original cancellation policy, all cancellations result in a full refund. No email or any communication was sent to me once we learned…

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Travel Reservation Services

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Joshua – Total money lost $2,134.85 Type of a scam Travel/Vacations Travel & Reservation Service, they say are based out of Orlando Florida. The scam starts with a call saying they have taken over the bookings from an out of business company called "Grand Imperial Cruises" and that the booking made through the original company…

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Baxter internationl inc

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Hillary – Victim Location 85029 Type of a scam Employment Phone number 404-850-3529 from Atlanta, Georgia Sent me a text that said "Hello good day", then my name. I replied with "Who is this?" They replied with "Welcome to (Baxter international inc)… I am Mrs. Cynthia Mccool, the Recruiter for the Company (Baxter intl),your resume…

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Aspens Jewelry

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Chad – Dec 23, 2020 SCAM. I placed an order in April 2020 from a sale I saw run on a facebook ad. NEVER ARRIVED AND NO REFUND ISSUED. Package did not ship until JUNE, tracking info was bad, I didn’t get a followup email until SEPTEMBER after I’d repeatedly asked for followup and then…

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Ana – Victim Location 97128 Type of a scam Online Purchase I received a call a few days after listing my car on auto trader telling me he was a cash buyer if I would go to and buy a report on my vehicle. I told him I already had a carfax on the…

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Cloud Lights

Sergio – Victim Location 46203 Total money lost $107 Type of a scam Online Purchase I saw an ad on Facebook that this website was having a huge sale on their products. I bought three items to qualify for free shipping. This was on May 17th, 2019. After a few weeks I tried the tracking…

Steve wilson

Victor – Victim Location 77471 Type of a scam Tech Support As of now, this number called my cell phone 7 times to request personal information for Microsoft regarding an immediate risk on my computer. Of the 3 times I answered a Sandra, Dave Wilson and Steve Wilson identified themselves but would offer no firther…

Ard Inc. not actual company

Sara – Victim Location 44060 Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order I was on Facebook and saw an advertisement to earn money putting a wrap on my car. I replied by text to the offer. 225-283-4121 A person would come and put a decal on my car. They wanted my full name, cell number,…

Bryan axeman

Sophia – Victim Location 76207 Total money lost $68,000 Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes Phone call June 1 saying I was a winner. Started out to b a small prize and within several days prize became a whopper. I fell for it . Lost my home,job,credit and a lot of heartache within my family.

Best Craft Gifts

Roy – Victim Location 43207 Total money lost $52 Type of a scam Online Purchase Ordered product from Received order confirmation. Never anything after that. No shipment. No product.

SoGo Crest Survey

Wesley – Victim Location 13146 Total money lost $7,486.62 Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order Received a total of 3 checks. Total was $7486.62. Was instructed to cash check and buy gift cards. When done to send pictures of gift cards then to mail them to addresses given. 2 of the assignments were to…


Tabitha – Nov 12, 2020 Scammer’s address 601 Cornell Drive G8-12 UNI, Wilmington, DE 19801 Country United States Type of a scam Credit Cards Initial means of contact Email Unfortunately, I fell victim to the reshipping scam. I shipped over 10 valuable electronic items to the scammer in Wilmington, DE. Already reported with the police….

Vehicle For Sale

Raquel – Victim Location 15205 Total money lost $65,000 Type of a scam Online Purchase $65,000 sent for a car. They want $3,000 more for state taxes.

Theatreland America

Terrance – Aug 02, 2020 Event was rescheduled due to Covid 19. Got a notification saying my tickets would be honored or refunded if I could not make the new event date. Upon calling I was told they would not cancel the tickets and issue a refund but were keeping the money and I had…

china postal spoof

Jennifer – Type of a scam Identity Theft This is calling from china postal. You got a package to pick up. This is a final call. Joy – Type of a scam Phishing This is final call from China postal. You have a package for pick up.


Alisha – Total money lost $40 Type of a scam Online Purchase The offer was first announced on Instagram about a flash sale so I clicked on it and it led to their website. Upon stocking up as much as you can in 10minutes, they send you to the checkout page which shows that you…

Amazon Prime

Charlotte – Jul 02, 2020 Victim Location 43614 Type of a scam Online Purchase "unknown" caller phoned my cellphone claiming to be amazon prime and thanking me for my subscription. I do not subscribe. The recording stated that if I didn’t want this service to press one, which I did., after that the call was…