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Jimmy – Mar 30, 2020

Victim Location 33436

Type of a scam Phishing

This is the message that they texted to me: $110 rewards from Costco! That’s the stimulus check for Costco loyal customers: fill in survey in return please!

Kristina –

Victim Location 64064

Total money lost $98

Type of a scam Phishing

I was sent an email using COSTCO Wholesale as the Company sending me the offer. The offer indicated from my club member status an offer to receive a watch "free of charge" and I only had to pay shipping. There was no warning provided that taking advantage of the offer was through a company no associated with COSTCO and included a $98.00 membership enrollment that would be charged against my payment card monthly unless calling the company and being removed from the enrollment, plus having to pay the return cost and if not done within 15 days from the order the original $98.00 would be lost and only then would it save further charges by being dis-enrolled from their offer.

Upon taking advantage of the watch it was delivered with only a shipping receipt and no mention of the $98.00 charge and or an enrollment into some membership. I only found this out after seeing the $98.00 charge against my account and it was registered after the 15 day return rule thus preventing the ability to obtain a credit.

This is a complete scam and should be investigated by the for dishonest activity.

I am attaching a snap shot of their web site but this is not what was sent to me via email, I no longer have that email to attach to this complaint.

Adrian –

Victim Location 97119

Type of a scam Other

every single day for the last 4 days I have gotten similar messages one from ‘Amazon’, 3 from ‘Walmart’, now this from ‘Costco’ all are "order confirmation" requests that I have made orders that will be delivered in 4 days and imply that I may not have placed the order as they have detected discrepancies so would I confirm by "clicking here" I do not have a Costco card and do not shop at Costco for that reason so that along with poor grammar and British spelling of many words indicates a scam whether to spread a virus or for fishing purposes I do not know. the bottom of the site included an actual link to Costco travel site so appeared valid if investigated. no internet address origin was included (odd for a valid site isn’t it?) the mailing as a nebulous stated origin "Costco order confirmation" title and I do know that order confirmations are SENT to your inbox not requested from you. there have been a supposed "official looking" blue strip as message divider on each of these different scam mailings. frankly, they make me tired the message is :

Our online store received an order and the personal data of the recipient coincide with yours.

Your order can be reserved within 4 days. You may see order details here .

Attention! If you did not make this order , please follow us immediately and click the link below to Cancel This order ASAP.

>> To See Orders Details Click Here> To Cancel Orders Click Here<<

Follow directions to use our new Express Checkout feature!

Sabrina –

Victim Location 48686

Type of a scam Employment

I applied online at The next day they called and asked me to come in for an interview. When I arrived at the store for my interview they asked me to sit at a table to await someone who would be with me shortly. After a period of about 10 minutes two men approached me and sat with me to ask a few questions. During the series of questions it was obvious for the 10 minutes of the interview they had no interest in my answers and the position they were in need of filling was not specific. Each answer was so non specific to my application it was obvious these were scripted and not connected to the skills I had to offer or the prior experiences I had. From the very first question, as I looked at each men individually, I immediately noticed neither one were interested in my comments to the point it made me nervous. Almost discriminate and I couldn’t think of why. I would look at one man and he would look off towards the door behind me like he was looking through me and as I looked at the other he would do the same. They were more interested in getting through the interview from the very first minute than to engage me and breakdown my answers into the duties or position I would possibly be filling. They quickly concluded that they would contact those interviewees who would be eligible for hire and, as I was directed to do over the phone when the interview was set up, I was again asked to don’t forget to sign up for a membership. It was obvious the way they corralled me through the interview with non-direct questioning and lack of what my duties would consist of as a possible new hire that Costco is sneakfully using a membership sign-up technique in place of their new hire interviewing process!! To me this is a scam and a bad business practice! I believe they only use applications to better sift out potential membership sign-ups rather than genuinely directing their hiring focus on satisfying their employee needs.

Randy –

Victim Location 98146

Total money lost $12

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Costco Survey to receive $50 gift card or gift items

5 question survey

choose from gift card or beauty products/ vitamins etc.

pay shipping & handling charge of 4

$4.99 + 99cents for insurance using credit card,

A confirmation number is give to you by email.

my bank called me to inform me of suspicious activity



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